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Product Code: Ex-Matrix Sincoheren

Ex-Matrix is professional instrument for skin rejuvenation and scar removal. Medical fractional CO2 laser treats an incredible amount of skin disorders and aging issues all at the same time.

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Ex-Matrix Co2 Fractional Laser One system designed for numerous procedures that require excision, incision, ablation, coagulation, and resurfacing of soft tissue. It’s here. With the Ex-Matrix system, you can precisely target and effi-ciently treat the skin with control. Treat multiple skin layers in one pass Perform full and fractional resurfacing Enhance coagulation Advantages of Ex-Matrix Co2 system Reliability and durability Fractional laser powerful, reliable and durable, so they are ideal for clinics with a large patient flow High quality components Combined based on the RF laser of AccessLaser(USA) company, with an unlimited usage time Multifunctionality Intima for gynecology applications, enabling you to broaden your portfolio offering Warranty 3 years We pay much attention to the quality, therefore we give a 3-year warranty for the equipment Fractional laser Articulated mirror holder Articulated mirror holder of Korean production tunes maximum accurate laser ray without losing any energy High quality Equipment is combined based on the RF laser installation of AccessLaser (USA) company, with an unlimited usage time. Metallic construction and premium design of ExMatrix makes it not only a simple instrument but also an interior object.   Treatment 3 varieties of handpieces Surgical Handpieces (f50mm, f100mm optional) Accurate energy, instant gasification Scan Handpieces The golden standard of light aging treatment improves acne and scars. Gynecology Handpieces (f127mm) rebuild vaginal mucosa, tighten vagina and improve the vulva color. User-friendly interface High-sensitive touchscreen display Automatic and manual functions Safely and effectively recommend clinical parameters Minimalistic design to enhance visual effects and a proper sense of reality 5 languages available The ability to fine-tune the parameters of the procedure Automatic setting of recommended parameters How it works CO2 laser wavelength is 10600nm, which mainly used for gasifying the skin tissue, the principle is on the basis of the theory selective photo thermolysis. Water in the skin is most the mainly targets of the CO2 fractional laser, after absorbed the energy of the laser, the water will release heat, evaporate and gasify immediately, naturally the cutaneous lesion will be eliminated flashily. Main functions of the treatment Skin renewal and regeneration effective treatment for all skin types Removal of all types of wrinkles Removal of age spots Smoothing the skin surface (post acne) Long-term results in restoring skin firmness Face lift, skin whitening Improving complexion (glow from within) Specifications Laser Type: RF-excited CO2 Wavelength: 10.6 μm Laser Average Power: CW:0-30W, 0-15W SP:0-14W Laser Peak Power: CW:30W, 15W SP:60W, 30W Scan Size (cm): Up to 2x2 Spot Size: 0.1mm Aiming beam: 635 nm, <5mW Display: 12.1'' LCD Voltage: 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz, 800VA Size (cm): 46x43x117 Weight: 40kg

Fractional Rf Microneedle Machine Fractional Rf Microneedle Machine Fractional Rf Microneedle Machine Ex-Matrix - Fractional CO2 laser for skin rejuvenation and scar removal from Sincoheren

Fractional Rf Microneedle Machine Fractional Rf Microneedle Machine Fractional Rf Microneedle Machine Fractional Rf Microneedle Machine Fractional Rf Microneedle Machine

How it works?

Fractional resurfacing is a new modality for a laser treatment that creates numerous microscopic thermal injury zones with controlled width, depth, and density that are surrounded by a reservoir of spared epidermal and dermal tissue, allowing for rapid repair of laser-induced thermal injury. This unique modality, if implemented with proper laser delivery systems, enables high energy treatments while minimizing risks. This Portable CO2 laser machine, with small size and cheaper price, can achieve skin renewing, resurfacing and tightening; acne and acne scar removal; smooth burnt scars and surgery scars, dermabrasion etc; remove pigmentation; sun damage recovery; Vaginal tightening and etc.


1.Skin excrescence, such as wart, etc.
2.Acne treatment.
3.Pigmentation removal such as chloasma, age spots, etc.
4.Wrinkle removal and skin tightening.
5.Skin renewing and resurfacing sun damage recovery.
6.Smooth scars such as surgical scars, burns, etc.
7.Vaginal tightening, vaginal rejuvenation,etc.


1.Skin renewing and resurfacing;
2.Skin tightening;
3.Acne and acne scar removal;
4.Smooth burnt scars and surgery scars, dermabrasion etc-;
5.Remove intractable chloasmas and pigmentation;
6.Sun damage recovery;
7.Vaginal tightening;
8.Surgery cutting.
Laser typeRF-excited CO₂
Spot size0.1mm
Display12.1'' multitouch display
Voltage110VAC/220VAC, 50Hz-60Hz
Size46 x 43 x 117cm
Average powerCW: 30W, SP: 15W
Peak powerCW: 30W, SP: 60W
Scan size20mm x 20mm
Aiming beam635nm. <5mW
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