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Product Code: SMQ-NYC3 Sincoheren

The latest technology of IPL - SHR is the development of our third-generation of intelligent pulse light treatment systems, using OPT-perfect pulse technology. Several different treatments combine together with different mode to meet customers' demand.

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Multifunction SHR Machine IPL Hair Removal PreciPulse is proprietary hair removal, skin rejuvenation method used in clinics around the world with global brand recognition. Hair removal, depilation Skin rejuvenation, photo rejuvenation Skin tightening & lifting Pigment removal, vascular treatment Advantages of IPL PresiPulse SHR system Cooling system Super strong cooling system with semiconductor+wind+air keeps 12 hours continuous working High quality components Combined based on the RF laser of AccessLaser(USA) company, with an unlimited usage time Multifunctionality Variety of filter applications, enabling you to broaden your portfolio offering Warranty 3 years We pay much attention to the quality, therefore we give a 3-year warranty for the equipment Application Professional hair removal and skin rejuvenation. Comfortable skin cooling. Super hair removal. No pain no side effects and fast hair removal Super skin rejuvenation. Intense pulsed light can absorb the energy released by laser through melanin, hemoglobin, especially water in the skin, and produce photothermal effect to convert it into heat, thus activating fibroblasts and other stromal Pigment therapy. When the laser with the corresponding wavelength, pulse width and energy is applied to the pigment particles, the instantaneous high temperature forms a huge pulse, which is absorbed by the skin lesion pigment Wrinkle removal   Treatment 2 varieties of handpieces • Technology upgrade, narrower pulse width and higher frequency. • The lesion is more sensitive to DPL light, with higher treatment efficiency and shorter treatment time. • Less pain, and improve customer experience. SHR 12x30mm2 IPL 15x50mm2 Imported Germany lamp at least 2 000 000 shots Imported coating filters The state of the IPL filters ensures safe and effective multifunction. The elegant cap facilitates insert, as well as wavelength printed to recognize for accurate treatment. The filter is pure imported; hence the filtered wave is perfect comfortable. Aluminum cavity Good heat dissipation, high temperature resistance, no water leak, prolong lamp and handle lifetime. 4pcs semiconductor chilling plate around Sapphire, double cooling system makes handle tip temperature down to -10C fast and the treatment feeling more comfortable User-friendly interface High-sensitive touchscreen display Automatic and manual functions Safely and effectively recommend clinical parameters Minimalistic design to enhance visual effects and a proper sense of reality 5 languages available The ability to fine-tune the parameters of the procedure Automatic setting of recommended parameters How it works IPL (Intense Pulse Light) hair removal technology according to the principle of selective pyrolysis of light that a particular wavelength of intense pulsed light irradiation in hair, absorbed by the melanin hair shaft and follicle selective and instantaneous formation of local high temperature, make the hair follicle coagulation necrosis, and does not damage normal skin and sweat glands, inhibit the growth of the hair, the effect of permanent hair removal. Skin Rejuvenation Aged skin produces less collagen, resulting in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, creases etc. The light from SHR that are deep in the skin to produce more collagen. The new collagen produced starts moving towards skin’s surface. Production Collagen increased and evenly is spread in the skin in a smoother texture. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles Reduce/improve acne scars Remove brown spots Smooth smoker’s lines around the mouth Specifications Light source: Xenon lamp Wavelength: SR: 560-1200nm/HR: 690-1200nm Transfer system: Crystal light guide Safety category: Class I Type B Pulse duration: IPL: 2~9.9ms SHR: 2~10ms Cooling system: Semiconductor, water-air cooling Voltage: AC230V, 50Hz/AC110V, 60Hz Power: 3000VA Size (cm): 52x49x108 Weight: 45kg

Ipl Shr Hair Removal Machine Ipl Shr Hair Removal Machine Ipl Shr Hair Removal Machine Ipl Shr Hair Removal Machine

Ipl Shr Hair Removal Machine Ipl Shr Hair Removal Machine Ipl Shr Hair Removal Machine Ipl Shr Hair Removal Machine Ipl Shr Hair Removal Machine

IPL SMQ-NYC3 hair removal

IPL +RF technology combined as Elite,not only remove black hair but fine hair


skin rejuvenation,pigments,age spots
hair removal, light hair
acne and vascular lesions


1. With super large light spot, the hair removal efficiency of our E-light equipment is 2 times of the efficiency of common equipment. The cost is cut largely simultaneously.
2. The accurate energy control system is able to cure a variety of conditions of different skin colors.
3. To ensure the safety and comfort during treatment, we use the semi-conductor control system to let the temperature of crystal drop to -4℃ within 5 minutes of starting the E-light machine.
4. Effective and durable
5. With the modular interior design, the inspection and installation process is largely simplified. LDC interface is set to make the equipment easy-operated.
Frequency1-10Hz (SHR)
Spot size16x57mm
Maximum energy density45J/cm2
Cooling systemSemiconductor, Hydro-Air
Display10.4'' touch screen
Voltage220V AC, 50Hz
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