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5D Ulti-Max
5D Ulti-Max
5D Ulti-Max
5D Ulti-Max
5D Ulti-Max
5D Ulti-Max
5D Ulti-Max
5D Ulti-Max
5D Ulti-Max
5D Ulti-Max
Product Code: 5D Ulti-Max Sincoheren

5D HIFU technology is the ultimate solution on the market for cosmetic equipment for rejuvenating and tightening the skin of the face and body.

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5D Ulti-Max solves the problem of skin sagging, age and expression wrinkles at the level of the SMAS layer of the skin (skin frame), which ensures high efficiency and durability of the result. And with the help of Ultra technology, the best effect is achieved when lifting the nasolabial folds and the skin around the lips and eyes.

5d Hifu is an ultimate solution in cosmetology equipment market for skin rejuvenation and skin lifting. 5D Ulti-Max solves the problems of drooping skin, age and facial wrinkles at the level of the SMAS layer of the skin (skeleton skin), which ensures high effectivity and long-lasting results. Technology Ultra is the most effective in lifting nasolabial folds and areas around the lips and eyes.

5d Hifu Maniple types

DotLine maniple

Technology DotLine – is the latest technology of ultrasound skin lifting. Because of DotLine now can be applied the skin lifting procedure on all the area equally and without a cover. 12 lines of high intense ultrasound energy can be received in one click and the height, length and thickness can be regulated.

5d Hifu Dotline Maniple

Ultra maniple 

Technology Ultra - Innovative technology created by Sincolaser company which is unparalleled around the world. Other SMAS-lifting systems doesn’t allow to apply the procedure around the nasolabial folds, areas around the lips and eyes because of the presence of a large number of nerve endings. Ultra produces only one point, but with a continuous mode, which doesn’t affect the nerve ending and lifts the most inaccessible wrinkles and folds. And most importantly, Ultra is as painless as possible.

5d Hifu Ultra Maniple

5d Hifu Working technology

Non-invasive skin Lifting
Uniqueness of our technology is in ultrasound waves HIFU which can accurately enter the desired deepness without harming the surrounding tissues. Tissues is only heated at the desired point up to 65-70 C. Equipment creates dotted lines in a certain deepness with a regulated space between them. In a result of this process collagen fibers, deep in the face skin layer, becomes tighter and more elastic, lifting the deep wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin.

5d Hifu Non-Invasive Skin Lifting

As a result of damage, a powerful launch of natural regeneration processes in the layers of the epidermis occurs, microcirculation and lymph flow are normalized, protein synthesis in cells is activated, accelerating metabolism. The depth can be adjusted by a beautician; in especially advanced stages, treatment may be required simultaneously in several layers of the epidermis and muscles. Such a deep complex effect allows you to achieve a noticeable and lasting anti-aging lifting effect without surgery.

5d Hifu Non-Invasive Skin Lifting

After this procedure, no rehabilitation is required. Some clients have slight swelling of the areas treated with the device, slight redness. However, this hardware method allows you to get rid of all the consequences in a matter of days. Because of the rapid recovery, SMAS lifting was named as the “weekend procedure”. You can do it on Saturday in the morning, and on Monday none of your colleagues will notice any consequences, except for a refreshed look.

5d Hifu Nozzle kit

There are 3 DotLine nozzles in the kit
Cartridge DL 1.5mm for epidermis layer
Cartridge DL 3.0mm for dermis layer

Cartridge DL 4.5mm for SMAS layer

5d Hifu Nozzle Kit

There are 3 Ultra nozzles in the kit
Cartridge DL 1.5mm for epidermis layer
Cartridge DL 3.0mm for dermis layer

Cartridge DL 4.5mm for SMAS layer

5d Hifu Nozzle Kit

5d Hifu Easy and friendly operation interface

Operation Interface of Portable 5D Smas-lifting

 Line length, pitch, clearance & width (mm)
• Parameter setting area
• Monitoring system
• Treatment record saving & counter
• 5 languages available, more languages can be added according to customer demand

5d Hifu Easy And Friendly Operation Interface

Clinical trials have proven the effectiveness and safety of non-surgical SMAS lifting on the 5D Ulti-Max device. This technique has been registered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the Lifting category.

Energy type5D HIFU
DotLine nozzles7MHz: 3.0mm 4 MHz: 4.5, 8.0mm
Density (DotLine)1.5-2.0mm
Line height (DotLine)5.0-25.0mm
Resource (DotLine)20 000 flashes
Power (DotLine)0.1-0.2J
Ultra nozzles7MHz: 1.5mm 4MHz: 3.0, 4.5mm
Resource (Ultra)60 000 flashes
Power (Ultra)1.0 - 8.0 J
Voltage100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Size46 × 29 × 35 см